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Anemo Air Stone

The next stone is the air or wind stone known as the Anemo stone. Anemos is Greek for wind, I did eliminate the 's' from the original word because I just liked it without the 's'.

The Sentinels will be joining Vera now to show Rigel that they are prepared and to finish round one of the fight.

local artist Lauren Jenkins (Twitter: @AlwaysOctopid)

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Acting quickly, she called out to Nysa, sentinel of water. Nysa rose out of the pool of water on a sparkling wave beneath her feet. As she neared the platform, she pulled her hands back like she was removing a sheet from a bed. The water in Vera’s confinement disappeared in an instant. Nysa was always friendly no matter the circumstance. She waved a friendly hello at Rigel, and he stiffened as he looked at her with surprise.

“Who are you?” he said firmly.

“I am Nysa, sentinel and master of water and protector of this Evren,” she said in her small, sweet voice. “I am ready for whatever you have planned.”

“Well, I am master of all things and all Evren. So, you might want to stay out of my way unless you are looking for a fi—.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the stone beneath his feet diminished, making him fall to the ground. A stout, muscular figure emerged from behind the large tree. Rigel quickly scrambled to his feet, ready to shout in a new direction when he was cut off.

“I am Saros, sentinel and master of earth and protector of this Evren. We fight as one and we win as one.”

While he was talking, Saros walked up the steps and onto the platform, flicking his index finger in an upward motion with a bit of an attitude. As he did this, the stones that encircled Vera rose up in the air one at a time, freeing her from her prison. He looked directly at Rigel, daring him to say something then giving him a playful grin. Rigel ran his hands through his hair and looked around the room to assess the situation. He was not expecting anyone else to be here and was not sure what to do for a moment.

Soros then twisted his strong hand in a graceful, carefree swirl, moving the stones that once confined Vera directly above Rigel. In an instant, they disintegrated into sand, which knocked Rigel to the floor and buried him.

Rigel gritted his teeth and flew up from underneath the pile of sand, blasting it across the room.

Vera eyed him as he kept a tight grip on the scepter even when he was knocked to the ground. The stones in the handle looked like power stones, which he was using to control the elements just like the sentinels. If she could get the scepter from him, his power would be gone and they could undo the damage he had already caused.

Rigel smirked with confidence. “I like your little tricks. They are quite amusing, and I am up for the challenge. Show me what else you’ve got!”

From the opening at the top of the chamber, Callisto floated down behind Rigel without his notice. “Well, helllooo,” he exclaimed loudly as he hovered behind Rigel. Startled, Rigel swung around and found himself nose to nose with a long-faced bearded man with large magnificent wings. Stepping back, Callisto gave a gallant and deep bow. Rising, he announced, “I am Callisto, sentinel and master of air and protector of this Evren.”

Wind whipped around Rigel for effect as Callisto spoke. “I too fight as one with my family and will not be defeated.”

“Now I get what is going on. Elara has a sentinel for each of the elements. Water, earth, air…so where’s fire? Over there? By the fireplace…how original. Okay, you can come out now! I have fire too!”

With the last statement, he placed his right index finger on the red fire stone and produced a fireball in the palm of his left hand. He then threw it into the fireplace and ignited a roaring fire. He seemed pleased with himself, and while he celebrated, Seren slowly descended the stairs from the library. She had been watching the event from above. As she walked down, she lit the floor on fire beneath Rigel. The flames licked at his feet and he flew a little higher to avoid the heat.

“You called and so here I am: Seren, sentinel and master of fire and protector of this Evren. I fight as one alongside my family. Believe me when I say you will not win this fight.” The intensity of her voice made Rigel back up. When he did, he bumped into Callisto, startling him once again. Rigel turned and gave Callisto a shove.

“This will be a challenge! I like to be challenged. When I take you all out, Elara will have no choice but to come down. That will be her downfall. Let’s go!”

Rigel smirked and gripped his scepter tightly in his right hand. The handle was lined with the four element stones with a finger poised to activate the Ziemia earth stone he wanted to use. Though he hurled rocks in every direction, each time, they were blocked by Saros, who had taken a seat at his throne in the corner. He appeared to be bored as he flicked his finger to block each of the hurtling stones.

The ease with which Saros was able to block his every move made Rigel change his strategy. Suddenly a windstorm blew through the room and knocked everyone off their feet.

“Very good, my friend!” Callisto said then looked at Saros. “Shall we show him how it’s done?”

With that, he moved both of his hands in a circular motion, each in the opposite direction. The winds picked up and a tornado formed around Rigel.

“Your turn!” Callisto said to Saros.

With a gentle twist of his hand, Saros moved sand and debris into the tornado. It pelted Rigel and he could no longer see.

“How about a little something to drink? You look parched,” Nysa added helpfully.

She filled the tornado cone up from the bottom. Rigel struggled to remain upright as the wind and debris flung him around, dunking his head under the water. He tried to get his bearings by flying to the top of the cone. That’s when Seren decided to join in.

“Hey Saros, you want to throw a few dried branches over the top of this thing for me?”

“Yeah! Great idea.” He made a motion of throwing something up in the air. A mass of tree branches followed and covered the top of the tornado cone. As they settled on top, Seren set them afire.

Vera sat back on her throne and marveled at the sight in the middle of the entry platform: a swirling cone of wind, rocks, and sand filled with water topped off with a crown of fire. She was smirking to herself when Rigel caught a glimpse of her face. In a flash of rage, he hurled the large boulder he saw sitting across the room right at Vera.

In that instant, everything dropped. The sand and rock now lay on the floor, the wind dissipated, and the fire extinguished. The four sentinels rushed over to help Vera. Saros threw the rock away to get a better look. Vera writhed, her face contorted with pain. Her injuries were severe. The only thing that could help her was the Elu stone and none of them had one.

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