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Blog Mission

Why are we here? Why the galaxy pic? Why am I even doing this? And other important questions.

Welcome to my first blog post.

A few years ago...Wow! has it been that long? Yes, a few years ago I was bored. I am naturally a creative person; and for a majority of my life I used music as my creative outlet. That year I decided to take a break from music and do other things. Well, it turns out watching TV and eating chips is no substitute for the creative outlet my musical activities provided.

In searching for a new creative outlet I thought 'Why not write a book? How hard can it be?' So in my spare time, between chip bags, I worked on coming up with an idea for a story. Hint: It has something to do with the Universe (see photo).

It turns out it was harder than I thought.

I am starting this blog to invite you into the world I am creating. I will use this site to share my thoughts on world building and character development. I want to also include some inspiration photos as well as background behind decision I made for the world and characters as well as details that might not fit into the story.

I hope you enjoy our journey together. If you do please follow and share!

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Melissa Quinn
Melissa Quinn
08. Juni 2020

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