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Elara the Savior

The battle is over but not won. Rigel will be part of the longer novel I am writing. He did get away this time, but we will have to watch this space to see how his story continues and ends.

What do you think of Rigel? Should he find his demise in the next story? Or do you think he should rejoin forces with Elara and Vera?

Spoiler: Rigel is not the alpha villain.

Let me know what you think. If you like what you read, please like, share and


While they were distracted, Rigel stumbled around the platform for a moment to steady his head. He looked around urgently for the scepter and found it in a pile of sand close by. Quickly, he grabbed it, glad not to have lost the object that gave him his power. He looked over at them still busy with Vera, narrowing his eyes and smirking. Without saying a word, he engaged the travel stone on his scepter and was gone in a flash.

“Don’t let him get away,” Vera said faintly. “We can’t let him get away with the scepter.”

Nysa squeezed her hand to reassure her. “We will get him. Don’t you worry.”

Seren shook her head in disbelief. There was nothing they could do for Vera. Her vessel was damaged beyond repair and Elara was not there to help.

Certain of her fate, the four sentinels sat, surrounding Vera, their heads bowed in sorrow. For her comfort, they smoothed her hair and gave promises that she would be okay, knowing there was little truth behind the sentiment. Her breath slowed, and they could feel her letting go. In an instant, her light rose up through the room to ascend to the Evren where she belonged.

As the light reached the top of the chamber, Elara appeared, arms outstretched. Descending from above, she pulled her light back into the broken piece of the Elu stone she held in her hand. She touched down gracefully and went immediately to Vera’s side. Everyone stepped away and Elara opened her palm and the remnant of her Elu stone floated and began to glow. The tattoo on her arm glowed as well, and she waved her hand over Vera’s injuries. The light captured in the stone drained back into Vera’s body. They all held their breaths, waiting to see what would happen next. After a moment, the light from the stone was extinguished and Vera’s chest rose and fell again. She was back.

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