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Mizu Water Stone

As I share the symbols for each of the stones, I am also sharing the origins of the word. Our next stone is the water stone known as the Mizu stone. Mizu is Japanese for water.

The next part of our story continues below.

Artist: Lauren Jenkins (Twitter: @AlwaysOctopid)

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“The next step is to break up my Elu stone,” she said, her muscles quivering despite her steady voice.

“What? Can you do that? Will it still work?” Vera said in a rush.

“The Elu life stone is the source of prosperity on Earth as well as in this Evren. The stones are not easily broken and not easily put back together. A broken stone’s power is diminished, and so the prosperity of life in the Evren will also diminish.”

“I found that I can break it up and hide away the pieces so that Rigel cannot have the whole stone. He needs the whole stone for his plan. This and not appearing in mondai will make things that much harder for him,” Elara said with a half smile.

“What about the expansion of life? Won’t your plan slow or even stop the progress we have made here on Earth? The other planets?” Vera said, biting her lip.

“Yes.” Elara paused, allowing a pained gaze to settle on her face before she continued. “On Earth, there will be fewer born, both human and animal. The replenishment of plants will decrease, which may cause a food shortage. On other planets, the small amount of life we have been able to establish will likely disappear. Unfortunately, that’s the risk we have to take. The alternative is for Rigel to succeed, and all life on this planet will become extinct or worse.”

Elara still held the Elu stone in her hand from the earlier proceedings. She gripped it tightly, though still wary of what she had to do next. She looked up from the stone at everyone’s eyes.

“Sentinels, this is where I need your help. Each of you must surround the stone with your elemental powers. Callisto, first wind.”

Elara tossed the large white stone high into the air. Callisto made a swirling motion with both hands, summoning the wind to catch the stone. A stream of wind surrounded the stone and held it in midair. Next Seren pointed her index finger and threw a flame that encircled the right side of the stone. Nysa was up next and wiggled her fingers to sprinkle a mist of water that pooled over the top. Saros was excited to participate. He swung both hands in an upward motion, lifting the earth to cradle the bottom. It was now surrounded by each element.

Vera watched without blinking for a few seconds. Then she took a couple of steps back, felt around for her chair, and sat down hard when she found it. This was another of many events over the past few days that she was experiencing for the first time.

Elara closed her eyes and balled up her hands into two fists. The element tattoos on her arm glowed in a rainbow of colors all at once. The light from the four elements traveled down her arm then exited her fingertips. When the light hit the stone, each element entered a side of the stone, and a loud, high-pitched sound filled the room. The overwhelming sound was that of the stone being pulled apart by each element.

“You must hold on. We almost have it,” Elara shouted.

Out of nowhere, a loud crack sounded and a white light flashed, blinding everyone in the chamber. Elara looked down at the floor, and the stone lay in four jagged pieces.

“We did it,” she said, dropping her hands to her side with a sigh. She bent over to gather them up then placed them in her locket. “I will hide these so that no one will find them.”

As Elara was preparing to depart, Vera noticed the pained look return to her face. She could tell Elara had received a telepathic message and knew there must be a new development.

“What happened?”

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