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My vision for the universe

Updated: May 26, 2020

Ok, so not my vision for the entire universe, only the one I am creating here.

I wanted to imagine a different type of mythical character. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires, witches and fairies as much as the next person. However, they have all been done successfully numerous times in the past.

I hope you like my idea. The first paragraph of my short story will introduce you to my mythical being.

P.S. I plan to post the entire short story on this blog, so make sure to like and share.


The Evren Council

He was here. Rigel. There was no mistaking his light as he crossed over the boundary into the starry embrace of the Evren. An Evren is the universe that surrounds us. Only it’s more than darkness and stars. It’s an energy that is present in all living things. The being who embodied this energy is named Elara. She is the manifestation of our Evren, which can be comprehended by those who reside within. She is why Rigel was here.

It was no surprise. They expected Rigel to come. After all, he promised Elara that she would be the first on his list of captives. It was all part of his nefarious plan to gain power over all life in the multiverse. He believed he had a better plan for the multiverse. His plan was to organize the chaos he saw around him and force it to flow through a single source, himself. The only flaw in his plan was he did not think she would be ready and that would be her advantage.

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