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Reizen Travel Stone

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Symbol for Reizen travel stone

There are several instance in the story where we have seen the Reizen stone used. It is accompanied by a bright flash of orange light and can take you anywhere you imagine you want to be.

The word Reizen is actually Dutch for travel. So if you are Dutch it makes perfect sense.

The image you see above is the symbol that shows up on Elara's arm as a tattoo when she presses the stone into her skin. I image it as a white or light colored tattoo similar to the image.

I am continuing to work with local artist Lauren Jenkins (Twitter: @AlwaysOctopid), so give her a follow if you like what you see.

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Elara arrived at the Versamel and saw everyone in quiet discussion around the wide-open white room. Alemi, an Evren who appeared delicate and dainty in her pale pink, glowing mondai form, greeted Elara first, followed by Vesmir and Linive, who were both gossips and always in everyone’s business. They were there to listen in on Alemi’s update to Elara.

“All are here except for Sympan,” Alemi said.

Elara furrowed her brow at the news and made her way to the middle of the room. She was surrounded by eight Evren, all in their mondai forms. Each selected the image of a being in their Evren. Most were consistent with the form they chose each time and so were easily recognizable. Others, like Uju, were random, making it hard for non-Evren to know who was who. If you were Evren, you identified each other’s presence by feel not by look.

As Elara stood in the middle of the room, she announced, “Sympan is missing and that means what I am about to tell you has already begun.”

As she spoke, looks of confusion turned to ones of concern.

“You all know the Almajara called Rigel?” She paused to confirm acknowledgment then continued. “He convinced Hadrine to allow him into the Herea room where Azriel’s book resides. He also accessed another book, and with these two books, I have a good idea what he is up to. His plan is to trap and cage each of us when we are in mondai and take our Elu stones to use collectively for himself.”

Kawn, a tall being with spikes protruding from the top of his head, spoke up. “He is Almajara and cannot use the Elu stone! Only Evren can use the life stone!”

Everyone in the room spoke up in support of this statement. “Yes!”

“Absolutely right!”

“That can’t happen!”

“It can! As long as he holds you in mondai, he can take your Elu stone and use the Imperium Scepter to harness the stone’s power.”

“Then we can no longer use mondai,” said Alemi.

“We can’t let him get away with this!” Kainat said, slamming one fist into his other palm.

“Or we find him and capture him! Two can play at that game,” said Vesmir, looking around for allies to his plan.

Elara spoke up in a voice that cut through the furious chatter. “I don’t know the answer either, but I found something in Azriel’s book that might help.”

All were quiet and paying attention now. Elara’s eyes glowed blue.

“You should now know the instructions to follow,” she said.

Everyone nodded with acknowledgment after each received the telepathic message.

“We should part ways and only connect through telepathic communications. Be safe.”

Nine flashes of orange light flooded the room, signaling the end of the meeting.

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