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The beginning

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The next part of the story explains how things work in this world and takes you back to when Elara first took on Rigel and Vera as her apprentice.


Rigel was once considered family. The three of them, Elara, Vera, and Rigel, spent a lot of time together in the Qalea Chamber. Elara was their mentor.

When she first started, Elara was alone, and life in the Evren was limited. After a few millennia of creating the conditions for the expansion of life using her white iridescent Elu stone, she discovered them. Vera and Rigel’s light was quite different from the rest and she could tell they were special. Elara brought them in and introduced them to her world as soon as she found the opportunity.

The first time they went to the Qalea Chamber, Vera and Rigel showered Elara with questions. Initially Vera was quiet. Her petite form stood on the center platform where they arrived, and she carefully studied the room. In contrast, Rigel spun around the room, darting from corner to corner in an attempt to take it all in.

“Is this where you live?”

Elara’s eye twinkled at his excitement and curiosity. “Yes, you could say that.”

“So, wait, you said you were Evren and you said an Evren is a universe. I don’t get it. How can it be a person and a place?”

“Have a seat.” Elara motioned to a few large purple velvet pillows on the floor in front of her throne on the dais.

“Our Evren, the universe we live in, is alive and pulses with expanding energy. My form represents that energy. What you see here is an illusion. It’s a temporary figure used to connect with others in the worlds we build.”

“That makes sense.” Rigel rocked back and forth one time, happy to pretend he understood.

Vera raised her hand and waited to be acknowledged.

Smiling, Elara nodded, encouraging her to ask her question.

“Are you the very first Evren? Are there others?”

“That’s a great question. No, I am not the first and I am not the only one. In the beginning, there was only one Evren and from the expansion of that one, all others were born. No one remembers the first one. It was as if she disappeared without a trace. No records could be found, not even in our library, the Library of Omnia.”

“My turn!” Rigel jumped up to a kneeling position, his hand darting into the air, not bothering to wait for an acknowledgment. “Why us? There are millions of people out there. What makes me special?”

“All life is born of energy and that energy comes from the Evren where the life resides. The energy that connected to the life comes from a source within the Evren. Some from star energy and those are known as Asteri beings. Some from galaxy energy and those are known as Almajara beings. On rare occasions, energy from the Evren itself connects and that life becomes an Evren being. You are both Almajara.”

Raising her hand again, Vera looked at Elara with a wide smile.

“Do you only bring Almajara here? How many do you know?”

“So far, I have only come across the two of you. All else have been Asteri. I will only invite Almajara like yourselves to join me as my apprentices. I will teach you to help me expand and protect life throughout the Evren. When your life here on Earth is finished, you will ascend back to the Evren and continue to serve as protectors. You will also each be able to manifest yourselves into a form that represents your energy after you ascend. This is called mondai form. It makes it easier to work together in the chamber.”

In mondai, Elara was formidable, tall, and strong with a sturdy frame. She had a mini-Afro with rose-shaped Bantu knots and her skin was deep amber and speckled with large patches of pale white.

“That is so cool!” Vera and Rigel said in unison.

“What would you want to look like in mondai?” Rigel asked Vera as he bounced up and down, hoping she would finish quickly so he could tell her his ideas.

Vera pursed her lips, considering before she answered. “I don’t think I would change a thing. My looks connect me to my Vietnamese roots and I wouldn’t want to forget that.”

Rolling his eyes, he said, “Come on! You can do anything and you want to stay the same? I think I want to have razor-sharp spiky white hair and big muscles. I will be able to fight anyone who tries to mess with me. Oh, and I want to be tall too.” Vera looked at Rigel with raised eyebrows. He already had light blond hair, so white hair would not be much different. The other stuff sounded a little crazy.

She replied with a simple, “Okay.”

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