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The next part of the story goes into a little more of the training that happened when the trio first came together.

Some of the idea that I came up with for this world came from reading the book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry" by Neil Degrasse Tyson. I wanted to make sure that some things were based on real science. Of course, not everything in the story is based on reality, after all it is fiction.

I'd like to quote something Mr. Degresse Tyson said in his Master Class that really speaks to how I pulled this story together. "You are not separate and distinct from the universe, you are part of the universe, you are in the universe, the universe is in you."

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In their first lesson, she taught them how to harness the powers of earth, wind, fire, and water using energy stones. Elara’s eyes were wide with excitement. She made sure she explained every detail.

“These are called energy stones,” she said, opening her hand to reveal five colorful stones. Poking her finger at each, one at a time, she described them and what they did.

“This light blue one with the white wavy stripes is the Anemo stone. It controls the wind element. The aqua-blue one that looks like a shiny bubble is the Mizu stone. This controls the water element.”

“Wait!” Vera said, interrupting as she raised her hand in the air. “What do you mean by control?”

“Let me start by showing you,” Elara said with a smile so wide it touched her eyes.

She held the Mizu stone in one hand and squeezed. When she opened her hand, an aqua-blue light traveled down her arm and illuminated a wavy tattoo on her arm. Next, she made a circular motion with her fingers over the palm that held the stone. Instantly water appeared and hovered over her hand.

“With the stones, I have the ability to summon the element,” she said. “I can then use the water as I need. One thing you must know is that these stones hold a limited amount of power. Once they are used up, we need to find another. Part of our training will be to hunt for stones.”

Both Vera and Rigel watched wide-eyed at the sight.

“We get to have tattoos?” Rigel said, standing on his toes with excitement.

“Sorry to disappoint, but no. Almajara have to use stones because you cannot press the stones into these marks,” Elara said.

“No fair.” He frowned.

“And the other stones? What do they do?” Vera asked, attempting to get them back on track.

“The red one with flecks of glowing yellow is the Isati fire stone. The green stone with brown veins is the Ziemia earth stone. And this orange one is the Reizen stone. This one is not an element stone—it is the travel stone. You will use this to come here to train with me.”

That was the day they got their first power stone. It was a lot to take in at first, but Vera and Rigel were excited to be included in this world. They joined in and never looked back. Working together, they were able to shape the elements of emerging life in Elara’s Evren.

When Vera and Rigel returned to their families, it was as if no time had passed. They spent weeks at a time learning everything they could from Elara. Some of their fondest memories were the adventures they would take searching for their stones. Field trips to the Library of Omnia in the center of the multiverse were also favorites. The library on the second floor of the Qalea Chamber was amazing, but the Library of Omnia held all knowledge since the beginning of time.

Elara often confided in Vera and Rigel as she developed what would become one of the largest Evren in the multiverse. If she needed support or help getting a tough job done, Vera was her go-to person. Rigel, on the other hand, was Elara’s devil’s advocate. Whenever she needed to debate a decision or hear the other side of an argument, Rigel was her source. It was his talent to always find a way to the other side of any debate.

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