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When did everything go wrong?

Enjoy the next part of the story.

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One day when the three were supposed to meet for another round of stone hunting, Rigel did not show. He’d recently started to miss training and their weekly stone searches.

“He is not here again,” Elara said with a hint of irritation in her voice.

Vera did not mind when Rigel was gone. He could be contentious at times, so it was always a nice break when he was not around. Lately, however, he was away more often than not.

She raised one eyebrow and said, “I know. I wonder where he is.”

“I know he is not here on Earth. I’ll go see him as soon as he returns and find out what is going on.”

When a tingling feeling hit the back of Elara’s neck, she knew he had returned. Ready to get to the bottom of what he was up to, she headed for the chamber platform. It was unusual for Rigel to disappear outside of the Evren without telling her where he went.

She created a magia sphere at the edge of the Evren and pulled him in to meet. A magia sphere was a virtual space that could be created by Evren whenever they wanted to appear in mondai and an atmosphere was not available. The sphere could be anything Elara dreamed up, from a blank space to a lush garden or a burning, fiery pit.

“You know I don’t like it when you force me into these magia spaces,” he said sharply.

Elara looked at him and knit her brows. The anger in his voice, directed at her, was something new.

“Is everything okay?” she said, looking directly at him and trying to make eye contact.

“Fine! Everything is just fine.”

“We noticed you have been going away quite a bit lately. Where have you been going?”

Rigel’s hands clenched and unclenched rapidly before he blew up. “I do not owe you an explanation!”

Elara stiffened and gave him a wide-eyed, incredulous stare. She was about to respond when he continued.

“You think you are better than us because you create and mold life in your Evren? Well, I have found a way to become my own. I have been reading a book in the Library of Omnia, th—”

“So that is where you have been going? Omnia? Alone?” she asked harshly.

“Yes, I have. So now you know.”

“What book have you been reading?” she asked. He was quiet as she thought. “The only book I can think of…” Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she looked up at him, knowing what book he meant.

He saw the realization in her eyes and a wicked smile appeared on his face as they both said at the same time, “Azriel’s book.”

Elara’s mind raced as she tried to figure out how he got access to the book. Evren were the only beings allowed to access The Book of Azriel. Rigel was Almajara and forbidden in the Herea room, where the book was secured. This book held all the secrets of the multiverse, both good and bad.

“How did you get access to Azriel’s book? This must be reported and investigated immediately!” Elara said as she crossed her arms and gave him a direct, piercing stare. “Rigel, you must turn yourself in for this violation.”

Glancing down at the orange Reizen stone he held in his hand, Rigel slowly raised his eyes to meet Elara’s gaze and replied with quiet ferocity, “I can’t and I won’t. You have held me back for too long. I have found a way to become greater than you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!” When he snapped his wrist, the Reizen stone popped into the air and floated in front of his face giving him a menacing orange glow. With a sharp deadly look toward Elara, he said, “I will be coming for you.” In a bright orange flash, he disappeared.

It was clear Rigel was determined to defy the laws of nature and throw the multiverse into chaos.

The bright orange light over the entry platform in the Qalea Chamber announced Elara’s arrival. There was a deep wrinkle between her eyebrows and Vera could see she was worried. It was not like Elara to be at a loss for words, but she stood there in silence with her hands clasped, one thumb rubbing the other. Vera bit her lip and looked at Elara for answers.

Elara spoke quietly, breaking the silence after a few minutes. “This will not end well…for us or for him. We must contact the other Evren.”

With an uncertain tone, Vera asked, “What has happened? Is Rigel okay?”

Elara explained what happened in the magia sphere with Rigel.

“I had no idea.”

They both stood there in silence when Vera heard Elara say quietly to herself, “I never suspected Rigel was troubled by his place. If I would have known…” She paused for a moment and continued. “You both have been with me for so long, helping me encourage life to flourish in this Evren.” She let out a heavy sigh, picked up the locket around her neck that held her Elu stone, and twisted it between her fingers.

In an attempt to make Elara feel better, Vera added, “Remember when we saw our first Asteri born, grow up, and ascend to become part of the Evren?”

“Mmm,” she responded with a small smile.

Seeing Elara perk up a bit, she continued. “And that time when we visited the planet Eris to try to get life started.”

“Yes, we did not have much luck there. Dwarf planet. We found out quickly that it would not be so easy to get life started on every planet. That’s why we spend most of our time here on Earth. We have had so much success. Life is flourishing and abundant.”

Excited that the conversation was helping take Elara’s mind off of her troubles, Vera went on. “Remember the time Rigel tried to get you to eliminate all the dogs on Earth after he was attacked? He was so angry.”

At that statement, Vera saw the darkness return to Elara’s eyes. “His instinct to take revenge on all dogs based on the actions of one should have been a clue. He never considered the true consequences. I should have picked up on it sooner. He never learned.”

Vera put her hand on Elara’s shoulder to comfort her. She looked up at Vera standing over her and said, “We must first go to the Library of Omnia to find out what he is up to. That is where he has been going, so that is where we will figure out what he is planning. Given the contents of that book, I can only imagine. Second, I will contact the others and ask them to meet me at the Versamel. We have to make sure that we all have a plan of action to respond to him.”

Evren have the ability to communicate with each other telepathically. When an Evren wanted another to know something, the information went into their consciousness and they simply knew. Elara closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, they glowed bright blue for a second. The message was sent.

They would all meet at the Versamel, a secure Evren magia space in the center of the multiverse. The space had been created at the beginning of time and only Evren were able to enter.

Elara grabbed Vera’s hand and again raised her left arm. In a flash of light, they were at the Library of Omnia.

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