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Ziemia Earth Stone

This week's featured image is for the Earth stone, or Ziemia stone. Ziemia is Polish for Earth. I image the stones with like a water marked image that only the few who know to look, can see.

The next piece of the story is short and is a segway into the action scene.

local artist Lauren Jenkins (Twitter: @AlwaysOctopid)

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“Four Evren, Alemi, Kawn, Vesmir, and Uju, decided to go after Rigel in an attempt to save Sympan. Kawn, Vesmir, and Uju have been captured.” Elara threw her hands up and broke out into a rant. “How could they have been so quick to act? We were supposed to follow the plan!”

“What about Alemi?” Vera asked.

“Alemi barely got away in the fight. She was able to catch a glimpse of the Pinjara Prison.” Elara touched Vera’s shoulder so that she could see the image of the cage. Evren could share their knowledge telepathically with Almajara through touch.

Immediately Vera shuddered at the horrifying sight of the Pinjara Prison that held Sympan. The prison resembled a birdcage. It had a round platform at the bottom with vertical gold glowing bars that appeared to be an impenetrable force field. A closer look revealed a sliver of an Elu stone that had been sliced from the original stone and was now balancing at the top, holding the bars in place. Sympan looked frail and drained of energy. His skin no longer held its bright blue glow.

The Pinjara Prison was in a large room made of dark gray, cold stone. The round, gloomy room had ten large circular stones around the perimeter that looked like platforms. Vera gazed at Elara with concern in her eyes.

“It looks like he has one ready for each of you. What will happen if he succeeds?” she finished in a panic as her mind followed the steps of his plan to its logical end.

“He won’t,” Elara said, her confidence comforting. With a flourish of her delicate hand and the familiar orange glow, she was gone.

Elara felt his presence as soon as he crossed into her domain. She knew he was headed straight to the Qalea Chamber.

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